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I have a question. Today i got an job offer for a big project for both ios and android devices. My question is , because there are not so many people using b4x in my country , after i complete the project and if i leave, can the b4i and b4a code can be used by java or c developers using exlipse or xcode ? Or how much of the code they can use . Can you give me an estimated answer about ths so i can tell them . ?



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B4i creates a regular Objective C code. It can be theoretically further developed in Xcode. Practically it can be difficult due to two reasons:

1. The generated code can be difficult to understand.
2. The B4i "framework" makes all kinds of assumptions that can be broken when the code is modified.

Note that they will need a B4i license in order to further develop the project as the project depend on B4i libraries.
You can create a small project and send them the generated source code.
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