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howard bassen

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it appear that a button is both an input and an output variable.

for example this is an output: btnAction.Text = "N E W"

and this is an input: If btnAction.Text = "O K" Then

Also, the statement if btnAction.Text = "O K"Then
appears to be checking the button is pressed AND the button text is "OK"

is here an explanation of this in the documentation?


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Its not a "variable". ITs an OBJECT

And, as any object can have PROPERTIES

Search for objects and properties in the documentation.
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The purpos of a Button object is to get a user action done when clicking on it which calls the Button_Click event routine.
The Button.Text property is used to tell the user what his action will do.
In MyFirstProgram from the Beginner's Guide I use the same button for two different actions and use the Button.Text property to know what action to do in the Click event.
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