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1) If a resumable sub isnt finished yet with his process (for example because it is doing a lot of calculations), can this resumable sub be stopped in some way, for example when the operator dont want to wait until the resumable sub is finished and loads a new data base which is feeded into the resumable sub to process.

2) I noticed that the resumable sub is re-entend. When a timer starts the resumable sub, and the timer starts again the resumable sub before it was finished it's task, the task will be placed in a queue . This queue can be becoming large when all those tasks are a long time exceeding the timer period. What will happen with all those tasks in the queue and is there limit of all those tasks? Is there some garbage collecter which cleans the queue when the tasks are timed out? And is there a way to clean the queue for that specific task? Or this just a matter of memory?

3) last question: there are possiblities to start a separate thread in android which can be used to do some processes in the background. Can those threads be programmed with B4a? I cannot find anything about that, only Informatrix mentioned it with his Libgfx.


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