Question: BLOB-Data within Tablecontrol ?


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Is there a way to work with blob data within table control ?

Or is the only way to use Datareader ?

My application:
In an sqlight-Dbase I have records with collumns like this:
<IDNumber>,<Name>,<IconSmall> ... where <IconSmall> contains
the Picture-Date in Blob-Format.

Would be nice to load it into tablecontrol with
One Command (for example: Cmd.executeTable("Table1",0))

Yet now it can be done without syntax errors, but the cell
will have the value "system.byte()" which I don't know
how to compute.


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BLOB-Data not in TableControl - Alternative Solution

Thank's Erel,

no problem, when TableControl can't handle BLOB-Data.

Just about 5 lines of codes more helped me.

1) Use Reader to read record (line) one after the other.
2) Use TableControl for the Text-values.
3) Use an additional ImageList to handle Picture-Data,
where the Row-Number in TableControl automatically refers to
Item-Number of ImageList.