Android Question Question pack before releasing my first "serious" app


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Hi all!

This thread contains different kinds of questions, perhaps some will be obvious, but not for me.

After some months of (hard) working, I want to release my first decent app in the next two weeks.

It is an advanced camera app which lets you do some live effects with layers imposed to the preview, and/or later do the same with the taken picture or an image from the gallery. It has Admob, and I still don't know wether to block some features and make them available only through in-app billing, or not in this version. Up to now, I have tested it in different devices, and asked my friends and relatives to be my beta-testers.

The technical part is almost ready, and now comes the rest...

When facing the final steps, I have a "checklist" with some of the points that are not totally clear to me:

  • Signing with my key instead of the debug key and obfuscate the B4A code. Is there any other issue regarding compilation I must take into account?
  • Libraries: my project uses AcceleratedSurface, AdMob,AHLocale, AndroidResources, Animation,AnimationPlus, Audio, Camera, Core, Gestures, HTTP, JPEGUtils, MESShareLibrary, OSLibrary, Phone, Reflection, RSImageProcessing, Threading and VBBitmap. Some of them are libraries included in B4A and others released by well known forum users. When I make my first cents I will be happy to donate, there any restriction in their use? I would not like to do things wrong
  • In my project I also use a java library which I developed for some special bitmap manipulation purposes. Do I need to do something special when compiling in order to make the result code less readable? (I ran into eclipse and managed to get things working, even with the NDK. But there are a lot of options which I don't event know what they are used for)That is, for instance I would not like to have compiled debug or unnecessary information in this library.
  • I use some icons from free internet sources. But before releasing I will check them all and change some if necessary. Any advice about good free icon resources?
  • The same with texture patterns.
  • I have translated the few texts in the app to English(default), Spanish, catalan, French ,Italian, Portuguese and German. If anyone here wants to help me for other languages, will be a great help!

I suppose more doubts or questions will arise.

Any kind of comment (direct answers to the points, other issues to be taken into account, links to threads where can find more info) will be welcome!



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Thank you Erel! Second point is very important!

I don't want to "encrypt" my library, but not sure about which are the export options in order to to make the lib work, without unnecessary things been sealed into the jar
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