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I want to fill a Pane with dynamically created Checkboxes. I read this tutorial about Nodes however not clear enough.

So inside a form, there is a GridPane to split screen become Top, Middle and Bottom part (did that nicely).
In midle part, there is AnchorPane (obviously), and inside it there is Accordion.
In this Accordion, i want to dynamically create TitledPanes (for grouping checkboxes), and inside it, I want to insert a GridPane again (to make checkboxes arranged beautifully), and then a checkbox inside each cells.

Also I want to know how to gather checked checkboxes from software. Seems my experiences on VB .NET is not same in this case.

Any example on doing it ? I think I supposedly do it by Node property, however no example found to make clear understanding.

Hopefully B4J masters can help me.


Rudy Darmawan.


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Leave the GridPane for now. It makes the solution more complicated.


Sub Process_Globals
   Private fx As JFX
   Private MainForm As Form
End Sub

Sub AppStart (Form1 As Form, Args() As String)
   MainForm = Form1
   CreateCheckboxes(MainForm.RootPane, 5, 6)
End Sub

Sub CreateCheckboxes(Parent As AnchorPane, NumX As Int, NumY As Int) As CheckBox(,)
   Dim width As Int = Parent.width / NumX
   Dim height As Int = Parent.height / NumY
   Dim cb(NumX, NumY) As CheckBox
   For x = 0 To NumX - 1
     For y = 0 To NumY - 2
       Dim chk As CheckBox
       Parent.AddNode(chk, 20 + x * width, y * height, width - 5, height - 5)
       chk.Text = "Checkbox (" & x & "," & y & ")"
       cb(x, y) = chk
   Return cb
End Sub

Sub chk_CheckedChange(Checked As Boolean)
   Dim chk As CheckBox = Sender
   Log(chk.Text & ": " & Checked)
End Sub
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Hi Erel ,

Thank you for the example. I can understand your example.
However on Accordion, no such "AddNode" function. Just "Node" property, which we can GET or SET. Any advice ?
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