Questions on shell command, and user event, and the 6.30

dan kabestan

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1 - I suppose that shell command run with static parameters :
(data known before compiling)
ex : shell("notepad.exe","") '--- running
my_command = "cmd.exe"
shell(my_command,"") '--- running

But if i want a dynamic run as :
my_command = textbox1.text
Then shell command doesnt run ! Any workaround solution ?

2 - it seems that shell command doesnt run on Device (and generates an error).
Where is my mistake ?

3 - For example Table component Event is SelectionChanged.
So, may i create an other kind of event ? something like "click", ex :
sub main
AddTable ("Form1", "my_table", 30, 30, 200, 200)
AddEvent("my_table", click, "job_click")
end sub
sub job_click
end sub

It doesnt run, maybe any workaround ?, any "super_control" command....

4 - New B4ppc

I havent received any email, what is the way to touch the last 6.30 ?

thanks for help


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1. There is no difference between:

my_command = textbox1.text 'Assuming textbox1.text = "notepad.exe"

2. Shell command works on the device. Which error do you get?
Which application do you try to run? (cmd.exe is not available on the device).
3. You can't simply create new types of events.
Why do you need a click event rather than SelectionChanged event?
It is possible to add this event with the Door library.
See this example:

4. Please contact

dan kabestan

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You right,
For the desktop, the shell command run dynamicaly, i found a bug in my program.
For the device , its running too but i have some PATH problem (i suppose).
For Table Event, i would place a ligne_edit at a defined row.
I will study your Door library.

Thanks for this quick help