Quiz #1: Will this code work correctly and why?


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This question is about HttpUtils2: HttpUtils2 - Web services are now even simpler

In some cases we need to modify the request. For example we may need to add a header to the message before it is sent.

Dim Job As HttpJob
Job.Initialize("Job", Me)
' ****** The header is set after Download is called ?!
Job.GetRequest.SetHeader("User-Agent", "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 10.0; Windows NT 6.2; Trident/6.0)")

Note that it is not possible to call Job.GetRequest before Job.Download as the request is initialized in Job.Download.

Does it work?


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Surely that depends on the status of HTTPutils2 service? My guess is that it will not work if the service is active but it could stand a chance of working if the service has to be started.
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It works because CallSubDelayed2 is used to start the service and call a sub. Since CallSubDelayed uses the message queue, the service code/sub will not be executed until the current thread exits, which will exit after SetHeader is set, and whenever the calling sub completes.
EDIT: Ofcourse, I didnt know this before to ever use it. Good technique, but not so straight forward for readability.
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