Android Question randomize radiobutton position

Lyndon Bermoy

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Im having a problem with this code:
     Dim x As List
     x.AddAll(Array As Int(20, 35, 50, 65))
     rbAnswer1.Top =  x.Get(Rnd(0,4)) & "%y"
     rbAnswer2.Top =   x.Get(Rnd(0,4)) & "%y"
     rbAnswer3.Top =  x.Get(Rnd(0,4)) & "%y"
     rbAnswer4.Top =   x.Get(Rnd(0,4)) & "%y"
I want to randomize the position of my radiobutton from only the given value of my List.

Im having an error of "Invalid Double". But everytime i deleted "%y" on it, it never shows error. But I really need to have "%y" on it. Please help me. Asap