Bug? Rapid debug > on error IDE jumps to the last tab


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When I use the rapid debugger and an error occured the IDE always jumps from the log tab to the last tab in the tabhost.

It appears to be the addition and removal of the watch tab that is the cause of the issue.

Can I disable this tab selection when the debugger starts so that it stays in the log tab?


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the last one in the tabcontrol which can be modules or find reference when you just used CTRL-F


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Just to be sure that it wasn't my fault I did some more checking and I just noticed something weird.

When I run something in rapid debug the watch stuff on my laptop is at the bottom of the screen and not added to the tab control on the bottom right.

And then this behaviour is not happening.

When I drag the window over the log window it is docking it to the tab control.

Then the behaviour starts again.


log is shown
compile'n run
watch tab gets added
error occurs
watch tab gets remove
last tab gets selected due to the tab remove

missing steps:

store selected tab at compile event

re-select the tab that was stored before the watch tab got added