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If I run my app and hit on the first breakpoint in the below code, the first breakpoint line turns yellow as expected. If I then click the "Step-Over" button, execution jumps to the next line and it will look like this: (screenshot instead of inserted code so it will show breakpoints and yellow next line):


But if I then click the "Step-Over" button again, the yellow line will simply disappear and it seems the whole app just hangs. No crashing, no activity in the log list. Nothing.

NOTE: You will notice that I placed a second breakpoint to show that the disappearing yellow line is not due to the for loop exiting because if that would happen, execution would catch on the second breakpoint.

Here is a video of the issue: http://www.max-soft.com/rapid-debug-hang.wmv

If I switch to Legacy Debugging, everything works as expected and the yellow line moves down.

(Running B4A 9.00 connected to Samsung S4 running Android 5.0.1)
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