Android Question Reading password protected files


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I have a B4A program that uses Marco’s pdftotext library to extract text from PDF files.
It works fine but, when I give it a password protected file, I get:

com.itextpdf.text.exceptions.BadPasswordException: Bad user password

The message sounds like it would have worked if I had been able to provide the pw.
Would it possible for Marco to, say, expose a property to receive a password then apply it a file open time?

My second idea was to try Erel's
It's a B4X project but I can't get the Designer to add a PDFView Actvity.
Am I missing a library or is this sample for IOS only?

A third possibility. I have Javascript that uses the PDFJS library to open password protected PDF files then extracts text.
Is the Javascript engine that comes with Webview capable of processing a complex Javascript library like PDFJS?
I don't actually need a Webview so is there any other way of running Javascript within b4a?