Android Question real time video stream

Victor jung

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I am currently developing an app as part of my bachelor thesis.
I am new to android dev world, and I had so many hard time with eclipse or android studio to do anything, but I discovered B4A and in few minutes I coded more than in months.
So thank you for this amazing tool, keep going!
My app should display a stereo side by side video to be viewed through google cardboard.
For the moment the stream of each video is done with mjpeg streamer, I could eventually modify this, to combine the two images before to have only one stream if better.

- How should I start to display this kind of stream?
- I didn't find any warp of the google cardboard sdk, is there any?
- Is it possible or not realistic for a beginner like me to do the warping my self?

Thank you so much, as always, any advice or start of answer will help!