Recipes For The Lazy Brain


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Let's keep things legal, guys! :D

When you really need to get some coding done and your brain just refuses to work, how do you stimulate your mental activity?
Here's what works for me:

Eggs because they're packed with protein, vitamins, amino-acids and healthy cholesterol that protects your brain cells.

My homemade energy drink, an ice-chilled espresso thrown into half-liter of cold lemonade (2 lemons) with a hint of mint. Vitamin C and caffeine! Add sugar for that extra energy kick.

Music and exercise, when combined it's almost guaranteed to improve your blood circulation.​


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Well, I shouldn't say but for me it is :

Redbull: to be able to code all night long and be fresh to put the children at school at 8 AM :D
Sex: to feel the greatest woman of the world in the eyes of someone who loves me :oops:
Spaghettis and beer: to have my full tank of carbohydrates :cool:


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For me this does the trick:
  • Trigger time: Load a few magazines, go to the range and have fun with the Glock and the AR-15
  • Skydiving: Go to the dropzone and jump until sunset.
  • Bottle of wine: A good Cabernet.
  • Sex: That would be nice, feel free to PM me :D

Peter Simpson

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Well for me I do sometimes have huge motivational issues, the following sometimes works for me.
  • Wray and Nephew Rum (It's seriously strong stuff). Fall asleep and try again the following day :)
  • I might go out for a 10+ mile bike ride
  • Talk to my better half (She usually motivates me)
  • Watch a movie or listen to some music
  • Read new articles
  • Fall asleep in a nice hot bath
  • Go the pub with some friends then try again later
  • Last but not least. Go on a cooking spree
Points 1 and 2 are my favourite choices. When I can't concentrate on coding and nothing I try will work, I just completely give up for the day...
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I just remind myself with what I told the kids a few minutes ago that they should finish their homework.