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Using this library you can record and create audio files.
The desktop library is a "dummy" library.
The recording functionality is only available on the device.
The three important methods are:

Start(LengthMS As Int32) - The maximum length of the record file (milliseconds).
Stop - Stops the recording.
Save (File As String) - Saves the last record.

An example is included in the zip file.


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Hi Erel
Less work, but great effect. The idea alone is fantastic!
BTW, what is the valid range for WaveIn.Start(x)?
'0' and '200000' throw exception errors.
Thanks a lot.


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Hi timsteeman
If you want to use this library on the desktop, add a reference to RecorderDesktop.dll. If you want this to run on the device, just add a reference to Recorde.dll. The sample B4PPC app is meant for the device, so i you want erel's sample to run on the Desktop, remove Recorder.dll and add RecorderDesktop.dll from the Tools - Conponents dialog.


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Hi Erel,
Just a thought. The Recorder saves PCM at 11,025kHz sampling, 8 bit, stereo.
I feel that monoaural would be sufficient for voice memos recorded with the device,
whilst saving 50% memory. I don't know exactly how the Recoder works and
what it wraps, therefore unable to judge whether switching to mono is possible or not.


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What would be the correct command to Stop a Wave file during playback?

I know that Sound() is the command to play it. Is there a command to stop it while it's playing? Would Wave.Stop work?

Thank you...


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Look into the Hekkus wrapper in the dll listing...