Redirect outbound call (Windows Mobile 5)


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I have such a problem. I need to redirect outbound phone call, which i make in standard phone aplication (phone.exe).
In other words, when we dial a fixed number in standard phone aplication and make call, the call redirects to another number, but phone displays first number. So subscriber don't know, what number did he realy call. Do anybody know the way to solve this task?


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What if you had your app make a screenshot of phone.exe
and use it as the background of your app,
this way it will look like the normal number is dialed
while it is actually your app..

next have your app close the connection and redial the new number
if your app will be used on more pda's then you might have an issue with the
key mappings, but i'm assuming you want to play a prank on someone so then it would only be one phone screen you would need to map.

fyi with mapping i mean the onscreen keys "speaker on, mute, end " etc.