iOS Question Redpark Lightning Serial Cable (L2-DB9V) SDK


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I ordered a Redpark Lightning Serial Cable (L2-DB9V) hoping to do some RS-232 serial communication interface using B4i.

I downloaded the SDK which provides a library (in the attached file) and two .h files (in

I converted the .h files to xml (in, and recorded the conversion status showing errors (in

I have not studied the Redpark demo files in detail yet, but I was wondering if I can use the .a library file in B4i, and if someone can tell me from looking at my "xml Conversion Status.txt" file if the generated .xml files are still useful with all the "skipped" and "error" encountered.

The cable should be arriving soon and I will test it with their demo Apps which I already built with Xcode on installed on my iOS device. I would be happy to upload the demo source files if it would help to figure this out :)

Thank you,