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Hello All
I have a grid of labels and Imageviews which are generated programmatically.
These are added by Page.Rootpanel.Addview ...
I can change the text and other parameters at will but the screen
is updated all at once so any illusion of animation is lost.
How do i perform the equivalent of the B4A LabelName.Invalidate? when applied to a view on a page rootpanel in B4I?

The code in question is too large to post here.

Many Thanks in advance


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Note that B4A Invalidate method will not cause labels to redraw themselves immediately. You are looking for DoEvents method which is not available in B4i.

The solution is to use CallSubDelay to split the long task into several smaller tasks. For example you can set the text and move the other stuff to a different sub that will be called with CallSubDelayed.
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