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Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by rosippc64a, May 29, 2018.

  1. rosippc64a

    rosippc64a Active Member Licensed User

    I have a text and I would like to remove linefeeds if this is between two words.
    The code is simple:
    res = RegexReplace("([a-z|ő|ú|ö|ü|ó|é|á|ű|í]])\s*[\n|\r\n]\s*([a-z|ő|ú|ö|ü|ó|é|á|ű|í])", res, "\1 \2")
    This regex expression works on B4J - Regex Example with Web Socket (and here too:, with this text:
    All lines start some space (can't see here).
    But same expression doesn't work if I use in regexreplace. I tried $1 instead of \1 also, \040 instead of \s, but no difference.
    What is my fault?
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  2. rosippc64a

    rosippc64a Active Member Licensed User

    res = RegexReplace("([a-z|ő|ú|ö|ü|ó|é|á|ű|í])\s*[\n|\r\n]\s*([a-z|ő|ú|ö|ü|ó|é|á|ű|í])", res, "$1 $2")
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