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A new cross platform version does exist: [B4X] [XUI] ResizeAndCrop.

This is a new version from these threads.
and this one.
It handles images with any width/height ratio in both orientations.

I put it here to find it easier.



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Very good Klaus!
There is some simple way to set the selection to a fixed scale. Catch a portrait image from a landscape image knowing the scale of the portrait. I do not know if I explain myself very well.


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I'm not sure I understand what exactly you want to do.
What do you mean with set the selection to a fixed scale?
You can set min values for the croped width and height.

Nicolás Cieri

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If the photo was taken in "Portrait" mode, it is seen in "Landscape" mode, is there any way to rotate it before assigning it?

Thank you