Android Question Retrieve Data Row from Web Service

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by hendrayulianto, Jun 17, 2015.

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    You have to make you familar with httpUtils and Json. Then it is not that much to do. I hve made a small example to give you a starting point. My provided example is a bit of dirty hack... you need to examine the response from the webservice....(see this great tool from Erel:

    The example uses the httpUtils2 and JSON Libs.
    Sub Globals
    Dim lv As ListView
    End Sub

    Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean)
    Dim s As String
    Dim job1 As HttpJob
        s = 
    "Job1", Me)
    End Sub

    Sub JobDone (Job As HttpJob)
    Dim s As String
    If Job.Success = True Then
    Select Job.JobName
    Case "Job1"
               s = Job.GetString
    End Select
    End If      
    End Sub

    Sub ParsJSON (jsonstring As String)
    Dim a,b As Int
       a = jsonstring.IndexOf(
       b = jsonstring.LastIndexOf(
       jsonstring = jsonstring.SubString2(a, b+

    Dim parser As JSONParser


    Dim root As List = parser.NextArray
    For Each colroot As Object In root
    If colroot Is List Then
    Dim l As List
         l = colroot
    'show the emails adress in the listview
    End If   
    End Sub
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  3. Erel

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    (Don't forget to call Job.Release at the end of JobDone)
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