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Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by jayel, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. jayel

    jayel Active Member Licensed User


    Here I am again with a strange problem.
    Dim idnummer As Int
    Dim machnaam As String
    Dim machnr As Int
    Dim omschrijving As String
    Dim mywerk As Map
        mywerk = result.Get(Position)
    Log("idnummer : " & mywerk.Get("machinesaveid"))
    Log("machnaam : " & mywerk.Get("machnaam"))
    Log("omschrijving : " & mywerk.Get("omschrijving"))
        idnummer = result.Get(
        machnaam = result.Get(
        machnr = result.Get(
        omschrijving = result.get(

    this give following output in my log window :
    But then it give a "java.lang.NumberFormatException ??

    Please some help.


  2. jayel

    jayel Active Member Licensed User

    Sorry syntax fault !
    My bad !
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