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I understand there is no native RTF View but I need to take RTF text like this:
<div><font size=4 style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#FFFF00"><strong>per note 3</strong></font></div>


<div align=center><font color=red>DOUBLE DISC GRIND .093+0-.005 THK FLAT .002 PARALLEL .002 &nbsp;MAT'L 1/8X10X8&quot; 6061-T6</font></div>

<div align=center>&nbsp;</div>

<div align=center>&nbsp;</div>

<div><font size=5 color="#00B7EF"><strong><em>DDG .200 ±.001 32 FINISH or BETTER</em></strong></font></div>

Which looks like this:

and format it correctly on the screen.
Can someone point me in the right direction to do this?
Is there a tool that will handle this native or am I going to have to parse out the commands myself and use something like richstring or CSBuilder to format it myself.

It is hard to believe we are this far down the road and there is no easy way to handle RT.

Thanks in advance for any help.