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Is there a richtextbox control library available for both the desktop and the device?

Also...Off the subject of Basic4ppc.....Does anyone know how to connect an HP iPaq 111 to a wifi connection. I have att internet service with a 2WIRE685 Wifi hub..I know its off the subject, but I thot id ask. I appreciate it.


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There is a RichTextBox library for the desktop.

RichTextBoxes are not supported by the device !

There does exist a dummy RichTextBox library for the device, which allows to have the same code for both, desktop and device.

Top of the help file:
This library provides document layout and printing facilities for the desktop only. This help file documents version 1.7 of the library. As from version 1.7 there is a dummy library for the device provided. This uses a multiline Textbox as a placeholder for the RichTextbox and while all of the desktop version properties and methods are available most are non-functional.
Within RichTextBoxDesktop.dll for the desktop you will find the following objects.
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