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  1. Erel

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    This is an example of using the form's ForeLayer property with the Polygon method to create a rotating arrow.
    The position of each coordinate is calculated using this formula:
    New X = X * Cos(degree) - Y * Sin(degree)
    New Y = Y * Cos (degree) + X * Sin(degree)

    As we are using the forelayer there is no need to redraw the background.

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  2. derez

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    letter - number

    Hi Erel
    Thank you for this example - it was helpful for me.
    Took me a while to understand why when I type the code I get an error, and if I copy it from youe example - it runs.
    The problem is that "l" and "1" in the program look very similar (the name of the array is alX)
    see photo.

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  3. Erel

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    I see your point.
    Next time it will be named list1 as it is more clear.
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