Rubber Banding in Wondows Mobile app


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Greetings all,

Has anyone came across a sample of how to do drawing using rubber banding in a windows mobile app?

I have a simple image that i will load and would like to draw lines and polygons. that all.

All i need is to identify the end points (x,y pairs of pixel coords) of lines or vertices of polygon.

Has anyone seen any examples of how to do that?

Looking forward to your responses.



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Rubber Banding

Hi DanDanGong,
you can play with this little app.


  • rubberband_sin.sbp
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Hi DanDanGong,

Here you have a small example of basic drawing on an image.
The program doesn't memorize nor save the x,y coordinates of the different points. It's a small version of this drawing program:
It's not that difficult to memorize the coordinates in arrays and save them. But you must not only memorize the x,y, coordinates but you must also memorise between what points you have a line.

For vector graphics that memorizes and saves the x,y coordinates, have a look at this program. Here the coordinates of the points are saved.

Best regards.
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