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    The following works for me and is quite simple, for applications to run in the desktop where I also develop.
    I downloaded from bellsoft the last version of jdk, 12.0.2 and put it next to the jdk-11.0.1 . B4j does not run on it (yet ?).
    I create a batch file (text, extension = .bat) for the application and put it in the objects dir of the app (that is the natural place for it), example for freecell, after compiling it in jdk 11:
    cd D:\B4J\Freecell7_11\Objects
    12.0.2\bin\java -jar Freecell.jar
    "C:\java11" is the place for the jdk 11 and 12 in my computer.

    Now I create a shortcut to the batch file and put it on the desktop and attach the right icon for it.
    That is all !

    Note: it does not work if I use 11.0.1 in the batch file, I don't know why.

    A command window opens when the batch file starts and you get some debug info on it, like I get this in one case:
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