B4J Question Runs Great on FireFox not so much on Chrome


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I created a B4J web app https://Grok3.com that runs great on FireFox.

On Chrome it launches fine. To continue I leave the Login and PWD blank, to view sample data, and click the continue button - the next page rarely completely populates - but when it does the populated data is immediately cleared. More often that not it says "Server is currently not available."

I suspect it has something to do with ws.connect or wss.connect or some-other timing issue. But I really don't know. If anybody has a clue - I would appreciate any insight.


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i don't see that you posted the actual error.
the convention is: "ws" is the websocket version of http. "wss" is the secured version. are you secure or not? i still think chrome freaks if you go from https to ws. (grok3.com is https. i think chrome balks if you try to "upgrade" to "ws".)

anyway, you posted js code. show the console error. also, window.location.replace() doesn't appear in the sub...

plus that window.location.replace() call is missing a scheme. there could be an issue there. if it inherits the caller's scheme, we could be talking about the same problem. if you're ssl, everything has to be ssl. you have to make sure all the code modules are on board. using "ws" to refer to a secure websockets
connection doesn't help.
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