Android Question Samsung S3 don't discover devices with BLE


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Hi for all.

Samsung S3 don't discover devices with BLE, its normal?

With BLE library or BLEextended, the same applies

I have an application BLE totally funcional in the telephone, but in B4A don't discover

Sorry for my english


Sorry is my devices. I think
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I think SIII'3 are bluetooth 4.0, which is not BLE - BLE is 4.1, or thats my understanding of it.
So BT 4.0 is back compatible and supports SPP1 but not GATT, methinks. So you're probably out of luck.

Incidentally, my samsung S3 tablets seemed to have had their SPP1 capability locked by the OS until the quite recent android upgrade, as well as their USB host capability. It was pretty hard to get it to do anything useful, so I am very pleased they did the OS upgrade eventually.
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