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Robert Valentino

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I know this is not a B4A question, but you guys are the best so here goes.

A while back I wrote a music player to player and send the metadata to my 2011 Jeep and after finally being able to display the Samsung S3 Music Player from starting I was able to get everything to work

Well now I have a S5 and I cannot seem to stop the Samsung Music Player for jumping up and playing music. Everything seems fine until I change tracks even with eating the Next or Prev keys in my KeyPress routine they still seem to be getting back to the Samsung Music Player and it Pops up and starts playing.

I CANNOT believe how Samsung has hardwired there music player. What is there problem with people wanting a different music player.


IF ANYONE has a way to disabling the Samsung music player or eating the media_keys (which I thought I had) please pass along an example

Thanks really need some help