Save form1.image with forelayer drawings


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My codes using ImagelibEx as below:
form1.image = "background.bmp"
form1.FLine(pts(cntpt(cntshape) -1).x, pts(cntpt(cntshape) - 1).y, x, y, cCol)
imgex.saveimage(form1.image, fname)

I want to do two things:
1. save the image without forelayer
2. save the image with forelayer

The imgex.saveimage(form1.image, fname) has done job 1, but how to do job 2?


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There is no direct possibility to save the background and or foreground images of a form.

There is a possibility to do it with the ImageLibEx functions.
What you need is the following:
- a bitmap for the form's background image
- a drawer for the form's background image
- a bitmap for the form's forleayer image
- a drawer for the form's forleayer image
- a drawer for the form' background
- a drawer for the form's forleayer

The attached program shows how you could do it.
Draw: draws a rectangle onto the forelayer
Erase: erases the forelayer
New: puts a new image onto the background
AddBmp: copies the forelayer bitmap onto the background image
Trans: transfers the background bitmap onto the form's background
Save both: saves the background bitmap, both after AddBmp
Save forelayer: saves the forleayer bitmap

If you need to keep the original background image you need one bitmap object more for it.

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Thanks for the work around.