B4J Code Snippet Save string to file with CRLF instead of only LF (notepad compatibility)

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As in this topic already discussed: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/crlf-strangeness.58632/#content
Linux only supports the LF, so in B4X, when you export a string with File.WriteString, you will export the string with only LF's at the end.
Now, you could use notepad++, instead of notepad of windows, as it doesn't support only LF's.
In standard notepad, you won't get a list.

The problem is that sometimes regular users (not aware of notepad++) will open your file with notepad, so it must be compatible.

As a workaround for this, here a simple code snippet to replace the LF's to CRLF's.
The TXTLIST.text as a textarea is to be saved.

Dim txtAsBytes() As Byte = TXTLIST.Text.GetBytes("UTF8")
        Dim bb As B4XBytesBuilder
        For Each b As Byte  In txtAsBytes
            'If we see a LF line feed
            If b = 0x0A Then
                'add a CR to the LF to get a CRLF
                bb.Append(Array As Byte(0x0D))
                bb.Append(Array As Byte(0x0A))
                'all the other bytes, just copy them
                bb.Append(Array As Byte(b))   
            End If   
        'Write the bytes to file.

I was wrong, look at the code of Erel.
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