Saving Region/Sub Collapsed state


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It is just an little idea/wish for the next version of B4A, (Great work on the
1.7 anyway/running the trial now) But i was just questioning myself if it would be
possible in the next version to make it so that the IDE saves the current state
of the Subs and Regions you've opened and collapsed.

I work with allot of large code projects, and i usually close the parts that are
finished or that i don't need to often. This way i can get a much faster overview
over my code an routines. But when i close B4A to continue my work the next
day or after the weekend, it just forgets the current states of my Regions and
subs. This forces me to keep B4A running if i want to work with my open and
closed Region/Sub method.

So my question is: is it possible to implement this in the next version, and
are there more developers interested in this function/option.

You could even make this optional in the settings windows with a
checkbox if you prefer.

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already wished that in another post along with drag and drop of the selected text.


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Yeah, i didn't think of an drag and drop function, because of i don't use it allot.
But it would not be a bad idea. +1