B4A Library ScaleImageView - jpg_jgw and vector maps

Fascinated with ScaleImageView I have to made this little code (w_map.zip).

ScaleImageView library was created by "agraham" and link is here:

The code is not perfect but you can see how to use ScaleImageView for offline mapping.
You can use jpg/jgw , png/pgw raster map world file format (map tiles are not needed).
You can also draw points, polylines (as path) and polygons (as path) above the raster.
Change w.jpg and w.jgw and use your own jpg and jgw.
Use also your own txt file.

You can also use the GPS library with the code and much more.

Please be free to ammend the code or add some another examples of the code.

agraham thanks for ScaleImageView.


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