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When i want to take a new Screenshot from my App the window opens but it is really bad positioned.


I need to make it smaller and use another position to make the screenshow avaiable in the visible window....


I would like to see the Screenshot everytime in the upper left position.

I would also like to set a default-toom-level which is saved in the b4a ini. So everytime i want to make a screenshot i want to make it the same size which is NOT 100% (100% is much too big for my device :) )

Peter Simpson

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When you zoom in and out you are actually setting the size of the screen shot (image size). So at 100% your screen shot image size will be for example 1080 x 1920. At 50% you would actually be taking a screen shot image size of 540 x 960 and at 25% the screen shot image size would be 270 x 480 etc, but you already knew that. It's not that much different from the previous version but I for one prefer this viewer over the previous viewer :)

Tool tip which shows the actual parameter in bold is just a great feature if you ask me.
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