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The last days I had much fun with the BasicLib library of agraham. So I wrote a small coding trainer or script battle app. The aim is to do something with an number array (to sort it, to reverse it, or just to return a value like how many prime numbers in it). Solving that is better than sudoku. Just a few of this tasks are ready, but you can create your own tasks and upload it. So I hope, to get some new tasks
from you ;-)

Create new tasks with "New", choose "task" template, and write your code into Sub Solution (values). You can also give some hints in the Sub MySolution(values). This is the only sub, the student will see. Also change the description in first line (what your task is) and, if needed, the #Data - lines of the samples. (With that array samples the students sub MySoltution compares with yours.) Than you can test it and upload it.

There is also a "Coding Assistent" in the menu, for beginners with basic language. The file was to large for upload here, but you can download it here. Hope, you enjoy it.


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