iOS Question ScrollView.. ScrollTo

Nicolás Cieri

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I'm trying to set the scroll position to the last (down) of the content.. but when I try with something like this..

scrollPanel.ScrollTo(0, scrollPanel.Panel.Height,False)

It does not work as it should.

Is like a chat, if I send a message I need to scroll to the last message.. so when the user click on the txtbox, y upload the panel that contains this txtbox and reduce the scrollview.height, then restore.. the problem is that i can obtain the scroll at last message.

(A curious error, apparently if it does but I must touch the scroll to appear, but .. nothing is displayed on the scroll. (It's like a time error, that's why I tried sleep, but neither))

Sub pg_KeyboardStateChanged (Height As Float)
    If varHeight=0 Then
        If Height>0 Then varHeight= Height
    End If
    If Height = 0 Then
        'pg.RootPanel.Top = 0
        scrollPanel.Height = scrollPanel.Height + varHeight
        inputPanel.Top = inputPanel.Top + varHeight 'varHeight
        For Each V As View In pg.RootPanel.GetAllViewsRecursive
            If IsFirstResponder(V) Then
                inputPanel.Top = inputPanel.Top - Height
                scrollPanel.Height = scrollPanel.Height - Height
                'pg.RootPanel.Top = Height *-1
            End If
    End If
    'scrollPanel.ScrollOffsetY = scrollPanel.Panel.Height
    'scrollPanel.ScrollOffsetY =0
    'scrollPanel.ScrollOffsetY = scrollPanel.ContentHeight
    'scrollPanel.ScrollOffsetY = lastMessageY
    'scrollPanel.ScrollTo(0, scrollPanel.Panel.Height,False)
End Sub