Android Question SD card path in android 7

Umberto Bianchi

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i use this code to test the sd card and the path
Sub TestSD

Dim r As Reflector
Dim SDCardObj As Object
Dim SDpresent As Object
sdPath = ""
SDpresent = r.RunStaticMethod("android.os.Environment", "getExternalStorageState", Null,Null)
Log("SD card present: " & SDpresent)
If SDpresent = "mounted" Then
SDcard = "Present"
SDCardObj = r.RunStaticMethod("android.os.Environment", "getExternalStorageDirectory", Null, Null)
r.Target = SDCardObj
sdPath = r.RunMethod("getAbsolutePath") & "/"
SDName = r.RunMethod("getName")
Log("SD Path: " & sdPath)
sdPath = "No SD card present"
End If

End Sub
but receive the peth of internal memory.
it's possible to know all 2?