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Congratulation! If you reached this post then you are on your way to become a knowledgeable B4X developer.

Endless knowledge lies in the almost million posts of this forum. The search engine is the key to this knowledge.
A "real", custom tailored, search engine powers this site.
The search engine uses many parameters to determine the score of each result.
Still, it is far from being sophisticated as Google.

Some tips to help you find what you are looking for:
  • Make short queries made of the terms that you expect to see in the results page.
  • In many cases, adding more terms will make the results worse.
  • Use the filters.
  • Tutorials will usually be ranked higher. If you are looking for something specific and all you see are tutorials then set the prefix filter to "question":


  • Pay attention to the results date.
  • You can add B4X search engine to the browser:


    I find it to be very convenient. In fact, it is my default search engine.

  • If you are new to B4X, then start with the programming guides:
  • If you searched for 5 minutes and didn't find what you are looking for then start a new thread, and ask your question.