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Discussion in 'iOS Share Your Creations' started by MarcoRome, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. MarcoRome

    MarcoRome Expert Licensed User

    Hi all.
    This is the app Semplicemente Pizza.
    The system for managing the pizzeria from A to Z.
    The module is available for iOS / Android, allows you to receive orders by phone, reservations from tables and reservations via the app from the comfort of your home. The order is printed directly in the kitchen. The Management module allows you to know in real time the orders, deliveries made and daily collection.
    The modules are available in 7 languages (Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian)



    For more information:

    The power B4X
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  2. alwaysbusy

    alwaysbusy Expert Licensed User

    I tweeted it in my 'Made with love in B4X' series (@RealAlwaysbusy). Good luck with the app!

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  3. MarcoRome

    MarcoRome Expert Licensed User

    Thank you very much Alain
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