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You need to first create an account at and buy a phone number for around $1.00/month. Then using the below code you can send a text message to any desired number from the twilio number you bought at about $0.01 per SMS (around 125 characters).

Receiving an SMS to your Twilio number is a bit more complex because it requires a server post-back. I also have code to send MMS messages (send text + pictures), and code to receive MMS text/pictures messages and convert them into emails with attachments. I am available for hire if you need these additional abilities :)

Here is the SMS text sending code:

Sub SendTwilioSMS(NumbertoSendto As String, MessageToSend As String)
    'This routine sends an SMS from your number to specified number
    'This routine uses the new method that can send more then 160 characters (as an MMS)

    Dim j As HttpJob
    Dim URL As String    'url to post to
    Dim P As String 'url parameters
    Dim TUserName As String '= your twilio username
    Dim TPassword As String '= your twilio password
    Dim TNumber As String '= your twilio number (ex. 12125551234)

    URL = "" & TUserName & "/Messages"
    P = "From=%2B" & TNumber & "&To=" & NumbertoSendto & "&Body=" & URLencode(MessageToSend)

    j.Initialize("", Me)
    j.Username = TUserName
    j.Password = TPassword

    Wait For (j) JobDone(j As HttpJob)
    If j.Success Then

        Msgbox("Message Sent OK!","SMS")
        Msgbox("There was an error sending the SMS message (" & j.ErrorMessage & ")","Error")
    End If
End Sub

Public Sub URLencode(InText As String) As String
    'works to url encode SMS params to twilio
    Dim C As Int 'As Integer
    Dim O As String
    Dim Z As Int 'As Long

    O = ""

    InText = InText.Replace(CRLF, Chr(10))

    For Z = 1 To InText.Length
        C = Asc(Mid(InText, Z, 1))

        If C = 13 Then C = 0
        If C = 94 Then C = 0

        Select Case C
            Case 10, 37, 38, 43, 94
                O = O & "%" & Pad(Bit.ToHexString(C), 2, "0")
            Case 32
                O = O & "+"
            Case Else
                If (C>32 And C<96) Or (C>96 And C<123) Then
                    O = O & Chr(C)
                End If
        End Select
    Return O
End Sub

Sub Pad(ItemToPad As String, ResultSize As Long, LeadPadding As String) As String
    'adds lead PADDING if ItemToPad is smaller then ResultSize
    Return Right(GenString(ResultSize, LeadPadding) & ItemToPad.Trim, ResultSize )
End Sub

Sub Right(Text As String, Length As Long) As String
    Dim R As String
        If Length > Text.Length Then Length = Text.Length
        R = Text.SubString(Text.Length - Length)
        R = ""
    End Try
    Return R
End Sub

Sub GenString(NumChar As Long, Character As String) As String
    Dim Z As Long
    Dim R As String
    For Z = 1 To NumChar
        R = R & Character
    Return R
End Sub

Sub Mid(Text As String, Start As Int, Length As Int) As String
    Return Text.SubString2(Start-1,(Start + Length) -1)
End Sub
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