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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by hsandy, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. hsandy

    hsandy Member Licensed User

    I have written an app using the gps and serial2 libraries and it has been working well on a WM5 AT&T 8525 (HTC Hermes) with a bluetooth GPS. I recently got a WM6 Samsung SGH-I617 (Blackjack II) Smartphone. This device contains an internal GPS. I use the same ConnectGPS sub as in GPS4PPC. The app encounters an error every time it tries to do the serial.PortOpen in the ConnectGPS sub when trying to use the internal GPS. With an external bluetooth GPS it works fine on the SGH-I617 but I would prefer to use the built-in GPS. The Microsoft GPS Intermediate Driver exposes a comm port interface for use with legacy apps and I have that set for com4 for the internal GPS. This is working fine in some other apps I have loaded such as Google maps and GPSTest but doesn't seem to work with Basic4PPC applications.

    It appears that what is needed is a .dll wrapper to interface to gpsapi.dll the application interface to the GPS Intermediate Driver but I don't have the tools to make a dll.
  2. agraham

    agraham Expert Licensed User

  3. hsandy

    hsandy Member Licensed User

  4. hsandy

    hsandy Member Licensed User

    I picked up a copy of Visual Studio 2005 Standard on eBay and did an interface library for the Microsoft GPS Intermediate Driver. I will upload it if anyone is interested. I can verify that VS2005 Standard can build .dll's for CF 2.0.
  5. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    It will be great you load it in the Additional libraries subforum.
  6. hsandy

    hsandy Member Licensed User

    I will package it up and upload it there.
  7. Agrartec

    Agrartec Member Licensed User

    Hi hsandy,
    do you think its possible that your library could help with our problem using the internal GPS on HTC-devices without using GPSGate?

    Could you please post a sample-prog here so that I don`t have to try out for hours? That would be a big favour since several people are already searching for a better solution to use the internal GPS with B4ppc.

    By the way: Is it also possible to use UTM-data with your library?
  8. hsandy

    hsandy Member Licensed User

    The library is in the Additional Libraries subforum. I don't have a sample program but I will see what I can do....As for UTM-data, no, the library as written only has latitude and longitude properties. Are the HTC devices touch-screen or non-touch-screen?
  9. Agrartec

    Agrartec Member Licensed User

    The HTC-devices are with touchscreen. I hope that doesn`t matter, it should be the same WindowsMobile driver. But at never know.
    I took a look at your gpsidtest.sbp, but there were no code. :confused:
  10. Pascal

    Pascal Member Licensed User

    You have perhaps found a solution?
    (Other than use third-party software gpsgate or downgrade FW)

    Error read GPS data inside: Out of Memory
    (I am available as a beta tester)

  11. hsandy

    hsandy Member Licensed User

    If you have WM5 or WM6 on your device and internal GPS hardware, you might try using the GPSInt library and sample program I uploaded to the Additional Libraries forum.
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