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    With the first steps on JAVA, my first program was an IRC SERVER. Subsequently I have evolved it and it has become the base to realize a SERVER for webchat.
    I developed for a couple of years in JAVA and then abandoned the language.

    It's been over 14 years since then. Many friends have suggested me to use B4J (development usually in B4A) ... and I wanted to try and see if it's really so easy to do B4J trying to redo an IRC SERVER.

    Well, I succeeded and I have also developed a version in B4A attached in this post (Here B4J version). You can find the client here.

    Obviously, it does not have all the commands, it's just the basic structure and it allows you to access, enter channels (or rooms) and chat. It does not log in with a password, it supports all IRC commands. But I'm sure all of you are able to expand this project.

    Good fun SD

    Note: For a better and more stable server, you would have to create a class that handles every single connection. When a user connects to the socket, a new instance of the class is created that will handle and process messages and commands.


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    Update rel 0.02
    Fix bugs and other.
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    You can find the client here.

    There will be no other updates for this project.
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