iOS Question Set cell height programmatically for a single cell in TableView?

Discussion in 'iOS Questions' started by Pendrush, Mar 18, 2015.

  1. Pendrush

    Pendrush Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Anyone know?
  2. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    You can use CustomListView instead of TableView to create cells with different height.
  3. Pendrush

    Pendrush Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Actually I'm using ExpandableTableView and I need to reduce the height of the first child cell. I can't use CustomListView.

    Cell height Object-C solution
    but I'm unable to implement it
  4. davepamn

    davepamn Active Member Licensed User

    you can't set a single table cell height

    instead, set the tableview row height

    Private tvContracts As TableView

  5. davepamn

    davepamn Active Member Licensed User

    Private Sub Createitem2(tvTableview As TableView, sLine1Value As String,sLine2Value As String, iAlpha As Int, iRed As Int, iGreen As Int, iBlue As Int,iFontSize As Int,iFontColor As Int) As Panel

    Dim oPanel As Panel

    Dim lblLine1Data As Label

    Dim lblLine2Data As Label

    Dim iOffset As Int=0











    'Line 2







    20dip,iOffset,100%x ,tvTableview.RowHeight/2)


    End Sub
    You can create a panel then add two dynamically create labels whose height is half the tableview row height.
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  6. Pendrush

    Pendrush Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Than you for reply. I have already made something similar, what is problem...
    Categorie(s) have one line of text, their child (sub cats) are in 3 line of text with image on left ....
    My row height is minimum height for sub cats, but then categories with only one line of text (even centered with lager font size) have a lot of space above and below text.
  7. davepamn

    davepamn Active Member Licensed User

    Set the Rowheight to the height of three of your labels then place each label in a panel offsetting by the height of the label. Return the panel to the table cell for the tableview.

    In my example, I used two labels to simulate AddTwoLines
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