iOS Question SetContentType in httpUtils2


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I've noticed there's no SetContentType in this implementation of httpUtils2.

I've copied my WebService reader from B4A and it hangs, may it be because of that?

This is my WebService reader:

Sub WSGetUserQR (QRCode As String)
    Dim job1 As HttpJob

    Dim XML_Header, XML_Footer As ByRefSTR
    Common.GetSOAPConstruct(XML_Header, XML_Footer)

    Dim XML As String
    Dim QRCodeFix As String
    QRCodeFix = QRCode.SubString(1)
    ' Parameter Customization
    XML = XML_Header.val
    XML = XML & "<FindUserQR xmlns=''>"
    XML = XML & "<QRCode>" & QRCodeFix & "</QRCode>"
    XML = XML & "</FindUserQR>"
    XML = XML & XML_Footer.val
    XML = XML.Replace("'", Chr(34)) ' Replace single quotes with double quoutes
    HD.ProgressDialogShow("Contactando al servidor...")
    WorkingJob = WorkingJob + 1
    job1.Initialize("JOBSOAP_getUserQR", Me)
    job1.PostString (BaseURL & "CellWS.asmx", XML)
End Sub

The error is: "The requested url is not found in the server", but it is. I copied the link into the browser and I got WebService Methods.

I had to comment SetContentType because it doesn't exist.