Android Question Show LeadBolt ad on app exit


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Hi Guys...

I've been searching the forum trying to get some clues on how to do this, but no chance...
I managed to find the KeyPress sub, but it doesn't do what I need..

What I have managed to do:
User Presses BackKey
Leadbolt ad is called but it takes a few seconds to show due to connection
in the meantime, a MessageBox prompts the user on what to do (exit or not)
due to the time it takes to load the ad, the messagebox gets shown on top of the ad, so no direct action on the ad can be performed by the user

What I need:
User Presses BackKey
LeadBolt ad gets shown
If user closes the ad, the app closes too

I have seen what I need to get on Wonders Hyperblox, but It is unpolyte to ask a single user a question.