Simple Adress Register


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Hi, im fairly new to programing with Basic4Ppc but i was looking for a simple way to make a register and i put this togehter.
Hope this can help newbies like myself.



Changed Number Row to String
Question to Clear table.

Thanks for your suggestions and testing, appriciate it.

But have no idea how to check if table is empty and then not save
And don't load an empty table..


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Hi Basseman.
Just had a quick beta test of your program for you.
You can save an empty table, but it errors if you load an empty table.

I hate coding and trapping every possible error :)

Nice ;)


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Hello Basseman.

I had also a look at your program.

Two suggestions:
- for the phone column in the table use also cString instead of cNumber for the variable type because if you enter phone numbers with spaces the program generates an error and leading zeros disappear.
- for the Clear Table function add a MessageBox asking or confirmation before clearing to avoid an unwanted clearing.

Best regards.