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it is a simple FTP server for ESP8266: it provides an easy way to list, add, remove and delete files in SPIFFS .

- it is based on simpleFTP library for arduino (
- it only allows one ftp connection at a time
- only one transfer is accepted.(In Transfer Settings, check "Limit number of simultaneous connections" and set the maximum to 1)
- It does NOT support any encryption (remove it in FileZilla)
- it is working in PASSIVE mode and in ACTIVE mode
- we have a check of flash memory available and data are rejected at this limit
- we have a check of file name (31 chars maxi)

tested with FileZilla FTP client , and the basics work (list files/upload/download/delete). There's no create/modify directory support(no directory support in SPIFFS).
You need to setup Filezilla(or other client) to only allow 1 connection..and in File/Site Manager then select your site. In Transfer Settings, check "Limit number of simultaneous connections" and set the maximum to 1
it is working in passive and active mode
- Delete OK

tested with FTP windows10 client :
it is working only in active mode (no passive mode on this one)
- Delete OK
- RETR OK with file < 130kb, because after we have a timeOUT in PC

- in my case, on ESP8266 i have 1900kb available but after 1500kb / 1600kb of data written, it take a very long time to add more and we have errors...( i suppose SPIFFS limitation)
-if we add and remove multiple files, writing in esp take also more and more time...and at last we have errors ( i suppose SPIFFS limitation)


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new version of FTPserver built with littleFS library and FTP_server module on esp32 and esp8266

With littleFS, management of esp data is perfectly working: no data lost on esp, management of data on esp is fast and reliable.

FTP server function is in a module and you have just to add this module at your application to add a FTP server


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