B4R Question simplest for eeprom read and write a uLong


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can you say me how i can do it
check rEEPROM and rRandomAccessfile
The two variables are to create, Consigne as ulong, server port as ulong
How declare the 2 variables
How reading it from the eprom
How writing it to the eeprom
Many thanks for your help


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Many thanks for your support
Please found here my program with following functions
- UDP communication with a PC ( no problem with Power off or ethernet disconnect )
- Watch dog : send a message every 5 secondes
- Output On/OFF
- input for product sensor
- output for Print/apply
- input for coder ( count impulses with a Wheel ) for assert Print/apply to product/sensor distance.
Would you please give a look if my programmation is efficient and correct ?
Especially, SendUDP and SendUDPWD ( timer ), can the timer interrupt the SendUDP sub ?
Is the Coder counter so fast as possible, i use for test a coder with 100 pulses on a rotation
I wish using a coder with 1000 pulses on a rotation for more precision.
Best regards


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