Since B4A went FREE - How's it going?


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Investors happy?
Spike/rise in adopters?
Pleased with this change?

Personally, my account barely misses the minimal expense - for the best product anywhere for creating android apps.
That - and most of the code is used in my B4J backend.


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I'm happy :)
The usage is growing. I think that the direction is positive.

One field where I wasn't yet able to make a real improvement is in the educational field.
I'm looking for developers with educational experience. Message to all developers: contact me if it might be relevant.


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I think you also may be looking for educators with software development experience.
There lies the difficulty - how to market to that mass...

Here in BC, we have school districts managed by a Board of Directors - SD73 for Kamloops as example.
The board runs the schools with directive of provincial standards and guidance.
As such, one must get on the agenda for a presentation. Often, this is done in person - or a committee - but I think one can simply submit a written presentation.

I assume this package would contain a complete / formal course curriculum - supplied by your B4X Education Department.
Perhaps a few of your current members (educators) who have been successful can help you out with this.
Of course, this is not a trivial undertaking, but I think - well worth the effort and expense.

Aside from the best products for development and short learning curve - B4X has the best community support consisting of thousands helpful novice and experts from around the world! That alone is worth the price of admission!

(Be aware and prepared - MS and others have deep pockets and contribute millions for educational purposes. But hey, perhaps some major university will name a wing after you).
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I am very happy, I love B4A, and my purpose for this year is to buy B4i and develop for iPhone. Only in my country it is half a month of work to buy it.